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Texas License To Carry

A LTC applicant must complete classroom training per DPS standards, pass a written examination and pass a proficiency demonstration (shooting).

GFT Basic Pistol Course

Three hour classroom plus two hour range time introducing the student to firearms. You should have your own firearm but a very limited number without one can be accomadated.


These classes can be done as a private class for one or two individuals or can be done at your site. Arrangements for range time may have to made at a range near your locale.

Range costs vary depending upon the range but are usually no more than $12. If the class does not have the minimum number of students your payment will be refunded. You must cancel at least one week prior to the class to obtain a refund otherwise there is no refund. Full details for a class will be emailed about a week before the class date. Details on the class will be emailed.

To sign up for a class you must make a deposit, the remainder will have to be paid by cash or check at the class. Or you can just pay the full price here. If you cannot make a payment online then email me about the problem.

GFT Basic Pistol Course $65

- Details here

There is a limit of eight people for this class. Class is $65. AND! after this class you get a discount on the LTC course, $10 off course cost when signing up.

I do not have a basic class scheduled. There will most likely be one the first of Janurary. Hey! What a nice gift that would be for womeone new to handguns!

I'm still doing classes on demand either for groups or individals. Large groups (more than six) take some time to set up. Small groups or individuls can be done with little notice. Contact me through email or Facebook to schedule a claass.

LTC Class $40

- Details here

Having your own pistol is best but if you do not have a pistol I can supply one. You can bring 50 rounds of 9mm Parabellum (AKA Lugar or 9x19) or pay a $12 ammo fee.

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