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Texas License To Carry

A LTC applicant must complete classroom training per DPS standards, pass a written examination and pass a proficiency demonstration (shooting).

NRA Basic Pistol

Teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and operating different pistols safely. Class is 8 hours, size is 6-10 individuals. This is an NRA Class that you will sign up for through the NRA site. Note, this class is being revamped and will be a blended online/classroom/range class.

GFT Introduction to Handguns

This is a short-form class I developed to replace the NRA FIRST Class. Three hours classroom plus range time introducing the student to firearms. You should have your own firearm but a very limited number without one can be accomadated.


These three classes can be done as a private class for one or two individuals or can be done at your site. Arrangements for range time may have to made at a range near your locale.

Resources and References

These are sites I've run across in my web travels that may prove useful to you.

(If you should decide to join I'd appreciate you using the link in the left hand column)
The Texas State Rifle Association
The Texas CHL Forum: Lot's of good people talking about CHL (and stuff)
Handgun Law US Information on handgun laws for all states
USA Carry
USA Carry info on concealed carry laws
Team Miculek Husband, Wife, and Daughter shooting team

Resources geared for women

The Cornered Cat
Women and Guns Magazine
The Well Armed Woman
Girl's Guide to Guns


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