To sign up for a class you must make a deposit, the remainder will have to be paid by cash or check at the class. You can pay the full price here. If you cannot make a payment online then email me about the problem.

GFT Basic Pistol Course

Class normally starts at 1pm, with range time at 4:30. We will cover:

During the range time you will have an opportunity to fire several calibers: .22, .38, 9mm, .40, and .45. And just for the experience a 12ga.

There is a limit of eight people for this class. Class is $65. You will need 100 rounds of target ammunition, If you do not have a firearm there will be one for you to use. You can either bring 100 rounds or purchase at the shoot for $25. AND!, after this class you get a discount on my LTC course, $10 off course cost when signing up.

I'm still doing classes on demand either for groups or individals. Large groups (more than six) take some time to set up. Small groups or individuls can be done with little notice. Contact me through email or Facebook to schedule a claass.

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